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The association Cantiere Musicale di Toscana was founded with the aim of producing musical events with an high artistic profile.
Estate Regina was created in 1998, and has produced over five hundred concerts, creating the Orchestra Regina and involving artists of great prestige.

The association has produced various publications and CDs among which we would like to mention the opera Zingari by Ruggero Leoncavallo and the Histoire du Soldat by Igor Stravinsky as well as the live CD Ninne Nanne d'Italia [Italian lullabies] by the soprano Denia Mazzola Gavazzeni.
The Cantiere Musicale di Toscana collaborates with prestigious musical institutions such as the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Theatre Foundation, the Ferruccio Busoni study centre of Empoli, the Associazione Musicale Lucchese, the Festival Pieve & Castelli in Musica and the Cherubini Conservatory of Florence.
In 2002 Cantiere Musicale di Toscana organized the concert in honor of the President of the Republic, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, at the Sala Regina of the Tettuccio Spa in Montecatini with the participation of the pianist Andrea Lucchesini.

Enrico Maria Peruzzi chairman
Dario Nardella founder and honorary chairman

Cantiere Musicale di Toscana CANTIERE MUSICALE DI TOSCANA
Corso Matteotti, 200
51016 - Montecatini Terme (PT)
P.IVA e C.F. 02248660488


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